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More power, familiar interface – creating compelling content just got a whole lot better.


In many respects, the WordPress editor performs many of the duties of a word processor. Its core or basic function is to display words typed on the keyboard. This may be where it begins, but the real value is in its ability to present content in a way which complements the message making it more compelling to the reader. This includes but is not limited to adding emphasis, color, or decorative boundaries.  And of coarse, the editor must accommodate images and videos.


Features include but are not limited to:


  • doneRobust Text Management
  • doneAppropriate Graphics Options
  • doneEasy Whitespace Management
  • doneView Content Holistically
  • doneEase Of Use


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Xidipity is an advanced WordPress theme with many features which permits the creation of compelling content which will entice and satisfy those who visit. More than fresh paint, numerous improvements to the editor provide authors a variety of tools and convenient editing choices.

January 8, 2021


October 28, 2021