font awesome

Font awesome zero width iTag unicode spacer. This is the work-around when the editor removes the font awesome iTags. 


To Display:   

Embed:       <i class=”far fa-envelope”>&#x200B;</i>


ordered list


To start the list counter to a number other than 1, add (style=”–start:×”) where “×” is the starting number to the “ol” tag.


For example, to start the list at the number five would look as follows:

<ol style="--start:5;">


image sizes

See dictionary.


other dimensions
  • page with sidebar – 865px wide
  • page without sidebar – 1165px wide
  • sidebar – 221px wide


managing devices

Content can be hidden by adding the following css classes.


print:hidden – do not print

web:hidden – do not display on web

mce:hidden – do not display in editor


Tailwind Media (tailwind docs)

 'sm': '576px',
  // => @media (min-width: 576px) { ... }

  'md': '768px',
  // => @media (min-width: 768px) { ... }

  'lg': '992px',
  // => @media (min-width: 992px) { ... }

  'xl': '1200px',


Tailwind hidden (display none)

  • hidden (all)
  • sm:hidden
  • md:hidden
  • lg:hidden


Tailwind display (display block)

  • block (all)
  • sm:block
  • md:block
  • lg:block