Heading To Version 1

The focus of development for version 1.0.0 will be to tidy up loose ends with the goal of enhanced performance and a more polished user experience.

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v0.9.9 Release

The focus of the “0.9.9” release was to set the foundation going forward. All code including templates is now housed on GitHub and is under GitHub version control.



Classes are now available which expose the Xidipity palette. Color can now be applied using one of the thirty available base, primary, or secondary colors. For example, the base palette 600 tint as identified by the hex code of “757575” is now represented by the class “fg-bas-600“. The class is derived as follows.


Attr Palette Tint Description
fg bas 050 – 900 base palette foreground color
bg bas 050 – 900 base palette background color
fg pri 050 – 900 primary palette foreground color
bg pri 050 – 900 primary palette background color
fg sec 050 – 900 secondary palette foreground color
bg sec 050 – 900 secondary palette background color


Classes are also available for hover and focus events (ie. hover:fg-bas-600). At the moment these definitions are global which means the color can not be set to a specific media format. It is important to note these classes are dynamic which means the colors are defined in the blog-var.css file and may be changed as desired.


Classes for black (blk) and white (wht) are available. For example to set the foreground color to black would use the “fg-blk” class.


In addition to the above, the nineteen colors of the broad material design palette are exposed as classes.




For example, to set the foreground color to amber use the “fg-amber” class or to set the background color use the “bg-amber” class. This works well with font awesome icons.


To symbolically represent a green font awesome thumbs up ( ) the tag would look like this.

<i class="fas fa-thumbs-up fg-green">&#x200B;</i>



Print functionality was enhanced to provide print specific styling. This is useful when the web presentation contains a lot of background color and the desire is to conserve print resources. This is accomplished by the following print classes.


Class Definition
print:border print 1 pixel border
print:border-X print border “x” pixels wide where x = 1,2,3
print:fg-wht print white foreground color
print:fg-blk print black foreground color
print:bg-wht print white background color
print:bg-blk print black background color
print:fg-bas-XXX print base foreground color where xxx = 050 – 900
print:bg-bas-XXX print base background color where xxx = 050 – 900


By default Xidipity assumes a print device is monochrome although these values can be changed in the “blog-print-var.css” file. Visit the product gallery page and compare the print preview to the web view to see these classes in action.


Image Presentation

The following image presentation were created.


Class Definition
focalpoint Bring additional sharpness to image on hover/focus.
grayscale Adjust presentation from gray to color on hover/focus.
rounded Adds subtle rounding to image corners
rounded-lg Adds more pronounced rounding to image corners
shadow Adds a bottom shadow to images
bounded zoom Enlarge the image with constrained boundaries
unbounded zoom Enlarge the image without constrained boundaries


To view these presentations visit the image effects page.



The two column table template was coded into a new responsive table template. The responsive template will accept a number of columns ranging from one to a suggested maximum of four. On table, laptop, and desktop environments the columns are spaced equally and on a mobile device they are displayed as one. To see a three column implementation of this template visit the “Images Of Xidipity.com” page.


v1.0.0 Development

The goal for version “1.0” of Xidipity is to have a product which:

  • strikes a balance between ease of use and flexibility,
  • contains the features needed to create rich and robust content,
  • is reasonably defect free,
  • is supported by online documentation.


With the development of version “1.0”, it’s time to pause and perform some housekeeping. In a rapid development cycle there is always the accumulation of junk which needs to be removed. An audit will be performed to discover and remove css classes no longer relevant. Classes currently marked as deprecated will be removed and additional documentation will be added as needed. The goal of this effort is to reduce the footprint of the code which should improve performance.


Xidipity.com will also be reviewed to ensure the quality is where it needs to be. Source code for the pages will be uploaded to GitHub. The reason is to allow the code to be downloaded for educational purposes.


Defects will be attended to but feature requests will likely be delayed to version “1.1”.




About: Admin

My name is John Baer and I am the author of the Xidipity theme. My goal with Xidipity is to create a theme which is flexible and easy to use. This is accomplished by the application of templates and enhancing the classic editor. Xidipity leverages the latest web technologies to remain snappy.



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