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There was a time attaching a picture to your content was enough to entice viewers. While images have the potential to enhance your message, videos have a much greater capacity of reaching today’s media driven culture. It also appears consumers appreciate video content more, in particular when it stems from engaging content that spurs conversations and shares.

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Video on the web has grown to be more than entertainment. It has become a critical component of effective communications and getting the message out in business, politics, and social media. In today’s world we rely on video to market and sell products, promote new ideas, and share information. Evidence to these facts can be found in the use of video in training events like Google I/O, live stream events like SpaceX rocket launches, the popularity of Facebook Watch.


Getting videos to display properly in WordPress can be tricky. Xidipity supports YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and HTML5 formats. GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) videos are also supported but are missing from the above as they are managed as images.


Video challenges to Web designers are two fold.

  1. Achieve a good user experience on all devices (aka responsive)
  2. Adequately cite the source


Many of you may be asking why do we need to cite a video? When you think about it, in most cases a video is a quoted source of content. The current recommended WordPress best practice is to cite the video in the editor and display it on the web. Although the citation does not display on the web the information is available to search engines.


How a video looks on your page will depend upon its aspect ratio. With the exception of Facebook, most sources favor a 16×9 or HD format.


Performance will depend upon bandwidth and size. For example, a HTML5 movie trailer can exceed 150 MB.




YouTube is a favorite source of video content for many blogger’s. Xidipity assumes YouTube videos will be viewed in a 16×9 or standard HD format. It should be noted YouTube just recently began supporting other formats natively. If a format other than 16:9 is selected there will be a black bar above and below.







Facebook is another popular source of video content although there is a gotchu.


  • Aspect ratios favor mobile devices







To many there is very little difference between vimeo and youtube but vimeo supports three aspect ratios.


  • 4×3 Classic TV
  • 16×9 HD
  • 21×9 Cinemascope







HTML5 videos can be used as a replacement for “gif” images as they support the autoplay and loop arguments. They can also be used to provide a very rich viewing experience. The two common video types are “mp4” and “mov”.







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