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Add a Table Gallery to a post.


Design Notes

Table galleries are easy to create and are very functional with just one catch. On mobile, squeezing a table down to a display in portrait mode can make usability a challenge. The answer is to use the responsive table template which displays a table as a single column on mobile.




GitHub Gist

general / table / responsive



  1. Upload images to Media Library and enter the meta data.
  2. Highlight & copy template to clipboard
  3. Place your cursor at the place where the table will be inserted
  4. Click the embed ( save_alt ) button
  5. Paste clipboard into textbox
  6. Click the “OK” button
  7. To add the second row start by clicking the table
  8. Select the Table ( grid_on ) dropdown from the menu toolbar
  9. Add an additional row by selecting “row > insert row after” 
  10. Add vertical white space by pressing <return> in each cell
  11. Place cursor at the top of the first cell
  12. Click the “Add Media” button
  13. Select the image from the preview grid
  14. Click “Insert Into Post” button
  15. Repeat for remaining cells
  16. Optionally, add text below image
    Hint: vertical white space allows clicking below image to add text
    Hint: Press <return> at the end of text for single column mobile
  17. Repeat for remaining cells
  18. All done!



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NELBali Photography


Tourists are attracted to Tenganan by its unique Bali Aga culture that still holds the original traditions, ceremonies, rules of ancient Balinese and its unique village layout/ architecture. There are strict rules as to who is allowed to live in here; only those born in the village can stay here and become full members of the community. Also a strict protocol regarding marriages among the kin groups have steered the Tenganan through the genetic perils of the intermarriage.

Xidipity page titled "Table Gallery" exhibit image
Trevor Cole


Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea

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Vitaliy Lyubezhanin


2 brothers that love what we do! Simple as that.

Xidipity page titled "Table Gallery" exhibit image
Trevor Cole


Suri tribesmen waiting for a stick fight (donga) to commence in the village of Kibbish in the North Western Omo valley.