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Add a Facebook video to a post using the Xidipity template.




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video / facebook / caption


Design Notes

The template consists of a block quote which displays the reference in the editor and a Facebook iFrame which displays the video on the web. Facebook supports a variety of aspect ratios and favors those which display well on mobile devices. This can be a challenge on tablet and desktop devices.


Required Information

  1. Name Of Video: Cat Loves To Do Everything Dogs Do
  2. Source Link: https://www.facebook.com/thedodosite/videos/1332586680209337/
  3. Source Name: Facebook
  4. Caption text: Cat Loves Being A Dog



  1. Highlight  & copy template to clipboard
  2. Open sandbox editor & paste clipboard
  3. Go to Facebook source link
  4. Click “•••
  5. Click “Embed
  6. Highlight and copy “iFrame” contents to clipboard
  7. On line 11, replace “iFRAME” with clipboard
  8. On line 12,  replace “CAPTION” with “Cat Loves Being A Dog” 
  9. Highlight updated template & copy to clipboard
  10. Place cursor where video will be embedded
  11. Click the embed ( save_alt ) button
  12. Paste the updated clipboard content into the text box
  13. Click the “OK” button




Editor View



video / facebook / caption


Web View



video / facebook / caption

Cat Loves Being A Dog