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Add a HTML5 video to a post using the Xidipity template.


Design Notes

The template consists of a block quote which displays the reference in the editor and a HTML5 video tag which displays the video on the web. HTML5 supports a variety of aspect ratios.




GitHub Gist

video / html5 / caption


Required Information

  1. Name Of Video: Vizio Chromecast TV
  1. Source Link:
  2. Source Name: Vizio
  3. Caption text: VIZIO Smart TV



  1. Highlight  & copy template to clipboard
  2. Open sandbox editor & paste clipboard
  3. On line 10, replace “URL.mp4” with source link
  4. On line 11,  replace “CAPTION” with caption text
  5. Highlight updated template & copy to clipboard
  6. Place cursor where video will be embedded
  7. Click the embed ( save_alt ) button
  8. Paste the updated clipboard content into the text box
  9. Click the “OK” button




Editor View



video / html5 / caption


Web View



video / html5 / caption

VIZIO With Chromecast Built-in