Why Animal Shelters Are Important



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§ Filling an Important Need

Animal shelters are important to communities because they rescue stray animals before they hurt themselves, hurt others, or never find their homes. Animal shelters also provide education, information and assistance for the people in the communities.


According to the ASPCA, 7.6 million companion animals enter shelters in the US each year. 2.7 million are adopted to new homes and 649,000 are returned to their owners. The ASPCA estimates that 29% of cats and dogs in the United States came from animal shelters. The animal shelters in local communities can find homes for abandoned or unwanted dogs.



§ Prince William

Prince William County’s animal shelter was built in 1975. Out of all the Northern Virginia animal shelters, ours is the oldest without renovation or expansion and it’s the smallest. To be the smallest and oldest animal shelter, they handle the largest amount of animals in Northern Virginia. Without our animal shelter, over 4,500 animals would be running around the county, causing traffic problems and spreading diseases to people and other animals in 2014.


The animal shelter will rescue stray animals and find them a new home. Before animals get their new home, they are given their shots, checked by a veterinarian and given a microchip. The microchip is like a tracking device that helps locate the animal’s owner if they get lost in the future. When a stray animal is brought to the animal shelter they will look for a microchip to help locate the owner.


The workers at the animal shelter provide education and information about animals to the community. They also capture dangerous and wild animals to help protect the citizens.

  1. Author – 2015 Prince William SPCA Essay Contest Winner Beau Causey
  2. Video – Facebook Video by Little But Fierce